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About  Dr. Chartrand

A world class musical performer and professional speaker, Dr. Max Stanley Chartrand thrills his audiences with beautiful symphonic and jazz performances and powerful spoken messages that reach in and warm hearts and tickle minds as he changes lives! He's comfortable in front of a classroom of doctoral students, a live television audience, guest conducting a symphony orchestra, or giving the rallying cry before a packed arena. Speaking passionately on a wide range of vital, life-changing topics, Dr. Chartrand prescribes a strong dose of hope for those left behind by today’s society.

As a leader and prominent researcher and widely published author in the healthcare field, Max has appeared on stage in Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Italy, UK, Ireland, Canada, Spain, Mexico and Latin America, and in all fifty states of the US, where many of his presentations have been televised regionally and nationally. He is also a favorite guest speaker at large conferences held by chambers of commerce, psychologists and administrators of prison systems, educators in school districts, corporate wellness programs, and medical and professional continuing education conventions. He encourages, he lifts up, and motivates his audiences everywhere he goes!

Dr. Chartrand has earned six advanced university degrees - all without hearing lectures, because he’s profoundly deaf! He became severely hearing impaired before age three, and over time advanced to profound bilateral deafness as a result of toxic medications prescribed him for rheumatic fever. Yet he was always at or near the top of his class!

Today, Dr. Chartrand utilizes a cochlear implant and assistive technology to take his inspiring message across the world. Dr. Chartrand says, “There is no obstacle, challenge, or handicap that one cannot overcome to achieve one’s fullest potential.” His mission is to help them find their way and the hope and encouragement they need to arrive with flying colors.

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