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Inspirational Keynote Programs

The Power of the Human Spirit: Self-Actualization

This provocative, uplifting program starts with a breathtaking performance on the tenor saxophone in a special rendition of “Over the Rainbow” from the hit movie “Australia”. From there, your profoundly deaf speaker takes the audience on an odyssey of a lifetime: The secret of a happy and fulfilling life, he says, is not in avoiding life’s roadblocks and challenges, but in growing past them; far, far past anything that’s been thrown into one’s path.  Self-actualization is key. When that place is found, one finds the power within to overcome traumas, addictions, failure, poor health, and unhappiness, and finally finds purpose, healing and unbelievable inner-strength. Then, and only then, has one’s life only just begun. (Note: Ends with an unforgettable flourishing concert about hope, life, and love.)  

"The Telomere Secret: Staying Younger Longer"

When Astronaut Scott Kelly came back from a year on the International Space Station he was no longer genetically related to twin brother, Mark Kelly, the husband of a former Congresswoman. It was a real life demonstration of the dramatic range of gene expressions possible for all of us. Your speaker - steeped in a lifetime of research in genetics and human development - dispels the stereotypes and flawed lifestyle models of our day while revealing the secrets that allow one to turn back their genetic clock for a longer, healthier, happier lifespan.

"To Lighten Your Own Life's Burdens You Must First Lighten Another's Burdens"

History is replete with examples of service that changed the course of lives, of communities, of nations. Empathy and service go hand in hand in making us a better people. To mourn with those who mourn, to have joy in another's success, to lend a hand, a smile, a kind word when it would be easier to be say and do nothing. This topic helps a productive workplace, a richer educational experience, and a kinder community. Says your speaker, "When those around me are happy, I'm happier. When their day is a bit brighter, my day shines with brilliance. As a profoundly deaf fellow, such make up for all that has been lost and never heard, and gives purpose and excitement in my life."

“Leadership for Success: From the long-forgotten lessons of history"

An engaging, full-participation keynote experience that takes participants outside the box where leaders and game-changers are made. True leaders are innovators, mentors, partners, and see failure and setbacks as just another stepping stone on their way to success. They immerse themselves in self-improvement, and find the secrets to success in the long-forgotten catacombs of the ages. 

“Who Let You In?” (Diary of a Deaf Man in a Hearing World)

There is an immutable principle, the realization of which can change the course of lives and history, and smash through the false notions of the day: that within each of us is the power to overcome almost any obstacle, challenge, or handicap we may encounter. The audience will laugh, cry, and learn how to embrace that power for themselves as they participate in this life-changing experience. The question "Who let you in?" will be answered in musical flourishes and a rousing exploration by a profoundly deaf man who's struggled to overcome the incredible follies of deafness and other challenges thrown into his life journey.   

"How to Stay Positive During Negative Times"

This is not just your run-of-the-mill Pollyanna pep talk, but instead a winning formula on how to hand back a lemonade when a lemon is thrown at you. The media might thrive on negative news and doom and gloom, but humans thrive on good news and happy reasons to get out of bed in the morning. This course is all about seeing the positive, changing one's environment into a more positive framework, and when everyone and their brother is shouting at you, "Give up, it's useless!" your reply is, "What? I'm just getting started!"

“Keep Your Memory for Life” (Motivational Seminar & Concert)

Utilizing The New Open Systems Model for Memory in Older Adults, and a rousing musical finale, your speaker transforms and brings hope to a population that has been led to believe things can only get worse as they age. Calling upon Captain Obvious of the left hemisphere & the Green Lantern of the right hemisphere, he steps the audience through the neuro-cognitive functions of the human brain and reveals the best strategies for overcoming and preventing memory loss and other cognitive conditions known collectively as Alzheimer’s disease. 

“Reaching Out to the Forgotten in a Communicatively Challenging World”

Today, up to 12-15% of the public are communicatively impaired through unmitigated hearing impairment, and cognitive learning disorders. This presentation vividly and in a colorful way, demonstrates how to become inclusive employers, public speakers, business and sales people---by effectively reaching and including this long forgotten sector of the population--so that even "the one" and "all the ones" have been included.

“The Power of Music in Growing Young Brains”

One of the most fascinating programs on the speaking circuit today, the speaker debunks the fables and man-made "Zeitgeists" that have held back American youth from scholastic excellence for more than four decades. He slashes through the false notions of the day and demonstrates with brilliantly executed studies, hard data, and case histories and takes the audience on an exciting journey with a flourishing musical concert. Convincingly, he shows how every brain, young or old, can become it's best if given half a chance. "Lurking inside every individual is genius just locked up and dying to get out," said Dr. Chartrand. "From diet, to exercise, to music, to love and nurturing, we remove the barriers to greatness in every individual!"

“What Happens to the Autistic Kids When They Grow Up?”

About 20 years ago your speaker and his colleagues ran a deep, qualitative study of discovery on why the autistic population reduced in numbers dramatically by adulthood: many of them outgrew their autism, and became independent and self-reliant individuals. Since then, he has profiled uncountable cases and found that the early period of autism was a period of a "hidden genius" in the making--a savant, if you will. Once they experienced certain activities and challenges they actually grew past much of their autistic behaviors. He says, "Why wait for this to happen accidentally and over many years?" he asks. "Why not get them growing earlier by challenging, stretching, creating--the formula for growing beyond virtually all learning and cognitive disorders?"

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