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Hearing Health Programs

Thriving in a Post-OTC World

To Whom the Future Belongs (1.5-2.0 M/CEU Keynote)

Based on a brand-new book by the same title, this powerful futuristic presentation explores the coming deregulatory avalanche that is about to hit the hearing aid field like a tsunami. Come and find out what you need to do to become an indispensable, thriving, and magnetic resource to a growing hearing impaired market!  

Leadership for Success

Secrets from the Masters of the Field (1-2 M/CEU Credit Keynote Address)

An engaging and full-participation keynote that reveals the secrets of the masters of the field, who grow and innovate to meet the needs and wants of the field, who make partners of every single staff member, and improve their communication and leadership skills from the best resources available today. This keynote enlightens, inspires, warms, and lifts every attendee as they realize the power within them that can mold them into true leaders of the first order! 

The Auditory Cortex and the Neurophysiology of the Human Body

(2-3 M/CEU Seminar)

This course explores the exciting world of retrocochlear and cortical hearing, and its subtle and profound effects on the health, well-being, and communication of humans. Tonotopical arrangement over not only the auditory cortex, but virtually the entire cerebral cortex, interacting with the limbic functions of frontal lobe, amygdala, and centers for association and memory. When hearing is lost, these functions go awry; when hearing is restored, individuals become “whole” again. 

Advanced Video Otoscopy:

Protocols, Materials & Methods in Dispensing Practice (2-4 M/CEU Seminar, 4 M/CEU Workshop Version)

Perennially popular, this exciting course teaches a comprehensive system for evaluating video otoscopy biomarkers of the external ear, as well as correlating with case history. Not only the clinical markers of the FDA Red Flags, but also the subclinical markers of missing or disturbed keratin, medication side-effects, calcified TMs, adhesive otitis residues & health biomarkers are explored. The 4-hour version involves a video otoscopy workshop and hands-on biomarker assessments. This is  one of the most exciting and interesting courses for any professional symposium!

Hearing Loss Effects On Mental & Physical Health (1-2 M/CEUs)

Recent discoveries in research have given us a greater understanding about the intricate relationship between hearing health and health conditions like Alzheimer's, depression, anxiety, breathing disorders, hypertension, acidosis, neuropathy, muscle pain, immunology, digestion, and sleep disorders. A plethora of research studies from Northwestern University, University of Texas, Brandeis University, Johns Hopkins, Northwestern University, DigiCare Behavioral Research, and more reveal little-known discoveries begging to reach your hearing impaired market.

The Power of Frequency

What we learned from Hertz, Tesla, Victoreen et. al (1-2 M/CEUs)

This course opens a new world of excitement for today’s hearing health practitioners, be they physicians, audiologists, or hearing aid dispensers. Heinrich Hertz, along with Nikola Tesla, John Victoreen, and others gave mankind gigantic leaps forward in understanding and capturing the fantastic and undeniable power of frequency. Frequency rules our circadian sleep—wake cycle, our consciousness, how we hear and communicate, maintain homeostasis, and fight disease. Attendees come away from this course with the foundation for a lifelong adventure in discovery and empowerment in putting this new knowledge to work in practice, personal well-being, and life itself!

Multimodal Management of Tinnitus in the Dispensing Practice (2-12M/CEU Seminar and Workshop)

The 2 CEU version introduces results of more than three decades of research & development into dispenser-based tinnitus management: Screening of tinnitus using tuning forks and/or audiometer, video otoscopy, case history and counseling on the four amplification benefits: Auditory Reattention, Environmental Masking, Residual Inhibition & Stress Relief. The 12-hour workshop version covers in-depth protocols of tinnitus management and features comprehensive examination and Certificate of Completion.

Ethics and Professionalism

The IHS Code of Ethics in Practice (1 or 2 M/CEU Seminar)

This course comes alive as it explores the history, development, and practical application of the Code of Ethics of the International Hearing Society (IHS). Fourtheoretical models for resolving ethical dilemmas are presented: Virtue Based Ethics, Consequential Ethics, Rights Based Ethics, and Intuitive Based Ethics.  Real case histories and examples are opened up for class discussion. Your speaker has written entire book chapters and numerous articles on this topic over his more than four decades in the hearing health field.

How to Give Dazzling Consumer Presentations in Your Community (2-3 M/CEU Seminar)

Every practice is surrounded with active & exploding senior centers all over the nation! These centers are begging for vital health information andentertainment for their members! This action-packed course brings to life the several presentation formats that can be used effectively by dispensers in even the smallest communities. Using humor and scientific data, your instructor demonstrates the power of presentation with his wildly popular “Keeping Your Memory for Life!” Seminar & Concert for a market just waiting to be awakened to take action in achieving optimal  hearing and cognitive health. 

Counseling for Expecations: Improving Quality of Life (1.5-2.0 M/CEU Seminar)

Counseling is heavy lifting of hearing aid dispensing. One's capability to teach, inspire, mentor, and lift those whose lives and happiness have been disrupted by hearing loss. Now, their life is about to change, but only if they realize the full benefits of their new amplification experience: spatially, cognitively, communicatively, and psychosocially. That's where you, the all-important hearing health professional that is about to take their hand and show them a better way to live!

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