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Health and Medical Programs

Overcoming Chronic Fatigue Syndrome - 

Exhaustion, HeadacheSleeplessness, Swollen, Lymph Nodes, Muscle Pain, Loss of Energy, Persistent Anxiety

Muscle pain, constant fatigue, exhaustion, persistent sore throat, headaches, elevated blood sugar, sleeplessness...these and more describe Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS). Closely associated it are clinical depression, anxiety, wide mood swings, fibromyalgia, carpal tunnel, chronic back pain, constant neck & shoulder tension, and peripheral neuropathy. Declining occupational performance are common. Opioid and NSAID medications and neuroleptics are not the answer. Instead, getting to underlying causes are key to overcoming CFS! This is a course that will change lives for the better!

Overcoming Breathing Disorders

Allergies, Asthma, Chronic Bronchitis, COPD and Pulmonary Disorders (2 M/CEU Seminar)

Your speaker will reveal stunning scientific advancements in resolving many breathing and circulatory disorders that plague uncountable Americans and cause so many life-limiting conditions, “Today, Americans have become such an over-medicated and surgically-disabled population that many are not aware that the human body can heal itself with modalities that are much gentler, lower cost, and bring faster, more permanent healing,” said Dr. Chartrand, ”instead, we collectively are spending far more than any nation on earth while suffering steadily declining lifespans”.

Keep Your Memory for Life!

Motivational Presentation and Concert! (2 M/CEU Seminar and Musical Concert)

A most exciting & motivational program, the power of auditory correction, improved health, and development of musical skills for recapturing lost memory are its main focal points. For consumers and professionals alike! Depicting Captain Obvious of the left hemisphere & the Green Lantern of the right brain, the instructor steps the audience through the neurocognitive models of functions of human behavior for the strategies for overcoming memory loss arising from Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias! 

Beyond Wellness 

How to Become a Methuselah Mouse (2 M/CEU's)

Those who want true wellness need to become like the coveted Methuselah Mouse. You know, that special breed of ordinary, everyday mouse that is made into a Super Mouse: Happier, more energetic, highly intelligent, generous to a fault and outlives their ordinary counterparts by more than 50-80%. This new, dazzling course covers the eight areas of longevity, or more specifically, what the happiest, most successful of our species can do to live longer, happier, and healthier lives that qualifies them for “Beyond Wellness” status. Attendees have called this a “life-changing course” revealing little-known principles that allow us them to become world class Methuselah Mice!

The Power of Frequency

What We Learned from Hertz, Tesla, Victorian (1-2 CEU's)

This course opens a new world of excitement for consumers, health practitioners, counselors, and others. Heinrich Hertz, along with Nikola Tesla, John Victoreen, et al. gave mankind gigantic leaps forward in understanding and capturing the fantastic and undeniable power of frequency. Frequency rules our circadian sleep—wake cycle, our consciousness, how we hear and communicate, maintain homeostasis, and fight disease. Attendees come away from this course with the foundation for a lifelong adventure in discovery and empowerment in putting this new knowledge to work in practice, personal well-being, and life itself!

The Telomere Secret

Staying Younger Longer (1.5- 2 M/CEU Keynote Address)

When Astronaut Scott Kelly came back from a year on the International Space Station he was no longer genetically related to twin brother, Mark Kelly, the husband of a former Congresswoman. It was a real life demonstration of the dramatic range of gene expressions possible for all of us. Your speaker - steeped in a lifetime of research in genetics and human development - dispels the stereotypes and flawed lifestyle models of our day while revealing the secrets that allow one to turn back their genetic clock for a longer, healthier, happier lifespan.

How to Resolve Pain of Neuropathy

Fibromyalgia, Back and Neck Pain, Migraine Headache (1.5-2.0 M/CEU Seminar)

Pain resulting from neuropathies, such as fibromyalgia, is the messenger that alerts one’s body that something needs repair. It can manifest as tingling, burning, numbness, shooting pains, tremors, seizures, loss of coordination, anxiety, tinnitus, loss of memory, etc. ‘Shooting the messenger’ can prevent the body from healing and underlying causes are left unaddressed. This exciting consumer seminar steps the audience through the different types of neuropathy, their causes and pathologies, and some of the most effective ways that underlying causes of neuropathy and polyneuropathy can be addressed without health damaging drugs or surgery.